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Mo Data. Mo Problems?

Mo Data. Mo Problems?

Are you in spreadsheet hell? Do you even know what you’re trying to find in that pivot table? Do you even know what a pivot table is? (Panic Breathing)

Relax. (Deep Breath)

In eCommerce the difference between ‘making it or breaking it’ is in the details. You need to optimize ads, test audiences, swap products etc… all this is time consuming, has a steep (infinite) learning curve and it can be difficult to know what to do next.

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Get the upper hand by discovering hidden opportunities.

Be Two Steps Ahead

Be Two Steps Ahead

Predictive Performance

*Fist Pump* No longer will you need to dig through data for hours just to end up making gut decisions on how to optimize your ads. Uncoil predicts performance in real time and gives you the heads up to take action.

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Know When to Hold’em, Know When to Fold’em

Know When to Hold’em, Know When to Fold’em

Advertising Opportunities

Have you ever spent waaay more on a creative or audience just to discover it wasn’t profitable (we know, it’s ok) Uncoil’s sophisticated AI predicts future success and can save you tons of money on testing.

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Connecting Ads to Orders

Connecting Ads to Orders

Product Attribution

One of the big things here is that the platform unifies ad data with store data. With these data sources linked, Uncoil leverages AI to give you optimizations opportunities you would have never found.

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Max Average-Order-Value

Max Average-Order-Value

Product Optimization

Confidently know which secondary products are being sold by different ads and audiences. Now you can maximize your AOV by creating product bundles, better upsells and smarter retargeting strategies.

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Our Story

Our Story

Uncoil Founder Jason Kryski felt pain in his Performance Agency; Strawhouse Inc. “We were in spreadsheet hell” The agency had evolved using a highly scientific data driven approach to customer acquisition but managing and actioning on that data was complicated and cumbersome. He realized that if he could build software that would tell the team when and where there were opportunities to optimize and then what they should do. It would make more stores, products and campaigns profitable. The opportunity to build an AI application was only possible because Strawhouse had already amassed a huge dataset, spending hundreds of millions of dollars in eCommerce advertising. Thankfully the strategy was right and Strawhouse rode this platform to becoming Canada’s Fastest Growing Startup in 2017.

Now Uncoil is a separate SAAS company, available to any eCommerce merchant to realize the power of AI and combined data. We want to help aspiring entrepreneurs drive success in their businesses.

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Uncoil connects your Advertising and eCommerce Platforms together. Using sophisticated real time AI it turns raw data into actionable insights designed to grow your profits.

Integrate and take action today.

Forget Speadsheets, we do all the data analytics for you, showing you only the information that you need to make quick actionable decisions.

Surfaces key performance metrics and connects them to specific ads
Act quickly and confidently anywhere you want
Predictive interface

Save Time. Stop Guessing. Sell More.

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Simplify your business. Stop agonizing over being an ad platform expert and get back to creating awesome experiences for your customers!

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